Musik der Dritten Art

Musik der Dritten Art

Live Improvisation at the Percussion Atelier. This is the first official recording by Beat and me as a duo project, and also the first time I used the bass pedals.

Beat Föllmi: Drums, Percussion, Voice
Rochus Keller: Piano, Synthesizers, Bass pedals

And here’s the music: Track 1, Track 2, Track 3, Track 4, Track 5, Track 6, Track 7, Track 8, Track 9, Track 10, Track 11

I did a re-mastering of the original recording on April 21st 2012; I hope you enjoy the sound; here are some of the original masterings for comparison: Track 2Track 6Track 8Track 9Track 11

And here are some pictures of the event:

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