Practice, mother, practice

Practice, mother, practice

This is the continuation of this post after a year of practice, and I’m just beginning.

Here is the music (License: Creative Commons by-nc-sa). These are all real-time compositions (i.e. musical improvisation) played on April 2023 and later at my home studio. It’s just me, and all you hear is played live with no overdups (here is a video where you can see how this worked with my previous setup); I just did a bit of mastering using the Ozone plugin.

Track 1
Track 2
Track 3
Track 4
Track 5

Today (May 25, 2023) I started a new concept. Since MainStage can only record WAV files and the recording has to be explicitly switched on and off (running it permanently during the whole session eats up the free SSD space quickly), I regularly got stressed, and because of the pressure to perform well, I usually didn’t play as well as when I felt unobserved. I therefore implemented a tool (MidiSink, see the source code on Github) which just records every event from every MIDI input port and permanently runs in the background; so I don’t have to explicitly start the recording and even forget that there is one, and the result is about 200k per hour (instead of 600 MB). The MIDI files can be imported into Logic Pro together with the patch of my MainStage live setup for identical reproduction.

The following files were created with this new concept. I loaded iZotope Ozone directly into the master bus, eliminating the need for a separate mastering step. Otherwise, I just rendered the parts of the session that seemed interesting directly to MP3. I was audibly less nervous (though still not quite like when there’s no recording going on) and the result is more representative of my current level of training.

Jazz Funk:

2023-05-25/1 2023-05-25/2 2023-05-25/3 2023-05-25/4 2023-05-25/5

Chamber Jazz:

2023-05-26/1 2023-05-26/2 2023-05-26/3 2023-05-26/4

2023-06-18/1 2023-06-18/2 2023-06-18/3

Progressive Jazz:

2023-06-24/1 2023-06-24/2 2023-06-24/3 2023-06-24/4 2023-06-24/5 2023-06-24/6

Funk Rock:

2023-07-08/1 2023-07-08/2 2023-07-08/3

Jazz Fusion:

2023-07-28/2 2023-07-28/4 2023-07-28/6

2023-09-15/1 2023-09-15/2 2023-09-15/3 2023-09-15/4


2023-09-14/1 2023-09-14/2 2023-09-14/3 2023-09-14/4

Progressive Jazz Rock:



  1. Unglaublich toll gespielt und ein hervorragender Sound, Gratuliere und Hut ab !!!

  2. Isolde

    Die Jazz Combo ist einfach super toll! Eine beeindruckende Onemanband ist das.

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