New New Toy

New New Toy

Welcome to my new new toy. It’s an M1 Mac mini running MainStage with a couple of great plug-ins such as Trilian, EZ Drummer, Pianoteq and Ample Guitar L and LP. After a bit of experimenting around I was finally able to create a decent setup with MainStage, so that I can play the bass on the lower part of the Motif keyboard, the piano on the upper part, and the drums on my Studiologic 17 note pedalboard; there are also two Korg microKeys stacked on the Motif keyboard on which I play e guitar, horns, organ or the arpeggiator.

Here is the music (License: Creative Commons by-nc-sa). These are all real-time compositions (i.e. musical improvisation) played on April 2022 at my home studio. It’s just me, and all you hear is played live with no overdups (here is a video where you can see how this worked with my previous setup); I just did a bit of mastering using the Ozone plugin.

And here a track which I created on Logic Pro (before I had the MainStage setup); it’s again just played, each instrument in sequence, with no click or quantization: Sequenced.

More to come…

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