Tonbildschau EWA 1995

Tonbildschau EWA 1995

Carlo Gamma (sax) and me (synthesizers, organs, sequencer) produced the music for the anniversary multimedia show by Elektrizitätswerk Altdorf in 1995.

During ten minutes slides about the people and their traditions were displayed by three projectors, supported by our music. It starts and ends with our adaptation of the traditional Urner carnival theme; Beat Föllmi helped us out with the drumming (of course the original theme is not in 7/8).

Whole Show

The piece from 4:38 to 5:23 is a composition by Carlo Gamma and Christian Hartman (contra bass).

From 05:23 to 5:47 you hear a traditional “Schottisch” composed and arranged by me; it is seamlessly lead over to a latin groove on 5:47 with the same theme; by the way: besides the sax everything else is synthetic!

Have fun. Some day I will upload a video of the show.

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