Live im Vogelsang Altdorf 1990

Live im Vogelsang Altdorf 1990

This was the second live concert by FGK at Vogelsang Altdorf; it happend in autumn 1990; the audience and the atmosphere were great; some pieces were improvised, some were composed by Beat or me.

Beat Föllmi: Drums, Balaphons, Gongs, Tuned Disks
Carlo Gamma: Tenor, Alto & Sopran Sax
Rochus Keller: Piano, Synthesizer, Left Hand Bass

I used an Ensoniq EPS, a Yamaha TX 816 (with sounds by Christoph Stiefel), two custom built master keyboards, a custom built midi computer, and some other equipment.

Here is the music; unfortunately the original recording was a bit distorted which cannot be repaired in the mastering process; but anyway it’s a nice souvenir.

01.mp3 (free imrpvisation)   02.mp3 (Vaikuntha, by Rochus)    03.mp3  (free improvisation)
04.mp3 (Türkis, by Rochus)    05.mp3  (free improvisation)   06.mp3 (free improvisation)
07.mp3 (High, by Rochus)    08.mp3 (Six To Eight, by Rochus)   09.mp3  (RTS, by Rochus)
10.mp3  (Piece by Beat)   11.mp3 (volkstümmliche imrpo)

Here are some Pictures:


  1. Doris

    Hie und da ein paar Fältchen mehr, aber immer noch dieselbe Lust und Leidenschaft für die Musik.:)

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