VerilogCreator is a QtCreator plugin. It turns QtCreator into a Verilog 2005 IDE.

The plugin is still work in progress, but it already has enough functionality to analyze existing code bases or to develop new code. The current version supports Verilog 2005 syntax checking/coloring and semantic code navigation/highlighting; there are build configurations for Icarus, Verilator, Yosys and Tcl. Projects can be configured using a file format similar to qmake.

Implemented Features

  • Syntax highlighting (including ifdefed out blocks)
  • Inline code warnings and errors
  • Parentheses and begin/end block matching/navigation
  • Hover tooltips
  • Follow symbol under cursor, follow includes (multi-file support)
  • Drop-down menu to jump to modules, module instances, functions and tasks in current file
  • Show where a symbol is used
  • Code folding and some other features supported by QtCreator, see
  • Project file to configure source files, include dirs, defines and libraries
  • Icarus Verilog build and run configuration; directly run compiler and simulator from within QtCreator
  • Verilator and Yosys build configurations; generate command files, optional arguments
  • Build configuration based on custom Tcl scripts which can access project configuration (e.g. to run Vivado commands)

For more information, source code and binary downloads see


  1. shin


    Mr Keller thanks for the awesome Qtverilog Creator
    as a Newbie in the field of FPGA though have worked on processors
    i believe that it would be nice if you could help provide some clear tutorial
    on howto start a verilog project in qt

    • Welcome, I appreciate. Writing tutorials requires sufficient time and didactic skills, neither of which I have in abundance. Since it is an open source project, everyone is kindly invited to contribute. You might want to take a shot yourself?

  2. User

    Best Verilog Editor out there! Thank you so much!

  3. Vivi

    Great plugin! Like its first version.
    It would be nice to see code completion higher (the first 😉 ) in To Do list
    Missing this feature most in 0.5.4 version of plugin.

    • Thanks, I appreciate; currently I’m extending the parser and even write a new meta generator/analyzer to be able to also support SystemVerilog assertions, because there seem to be more and more open source projects using it.

      • Vivi

        May be very simple code completion could be done easily. Like putting all the tokens/names you have found in this file to array and completing from this big array (independent to place where the cursor is … independent on context). For not so complex code, such code completion would quite enought and allow to use your very romising tool in reality!
        But independent to discussed code completion … thanks anyway for implementing this good idea of “verilog for qtcreator”

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