And now for something completely different 😉

This is my first attempt to use the alphorn (which was generously loaned to me by the Gisler family, Mürg, Gersau) in concert with my other instruments; every note you hear is played live and ad lib; no overdups, no rehearsal; I play the bass with my left hand, the piano with my right hand, and the drums with my feet; as you can see on the pictures the alphorn is mounted so I can play it freehand.

Here’s the music (License: Creative Commons by-nc-sa):

Chum Sässä
Würm hends
Inätuä 1
Inätuä 2
Froschus Alpiensis

Here are some pictures:

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  1. Dodo

    Das tönt ja mega usserirdisch…..Gib dem Rochus ein Instrument, er spielt es! Hammer! Aber ehm, Schlagzeug müsste nicht unbedingt sein, aus bekannten Gründen…:) Grüessli

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